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Hourly rates | Parking schedules | Payment method

La Ciaccia, Maragnao, Maragnani, Baia dei Ginepri, Gabetti, San Pietro a Mare and Imbarcadero

All days – from 9am to 8pm ( from 1st June to 30th September)

1 € per hour / 5 € daily rate
Residents, business owners and employees: 1 € daily rate – only with specific pass
Domiciled: 2 € daily rate – only with specific pass

Special rates:
2 types:
– for residents, business owners and employees
– for domiciled – owners of a second house located in Valledoria and emigrants coming back for holiday season (valid for just one house)
Click here for more information: subscriptions and special rates .
Click to download: form for subscriptions / form for special rates pass

The ticket will be emitted following the insertion of the vehicle’s license plate number on the keyboard of the parking meter.

  • by cash : insert cash and define the duration. Once done push the green button and insert the license plate number. Push the green button again and take the ticket  - video
  • by debit / credit cards : select this option pushing the blue button. Keep pushing untill you reach the time you want to stop with your car at the parking lot (check the display). Once done push the green button and insert the license plate number. Push the green button again and pay contactless with your card. Take the ticket and the POS receipt  video.
  • by app EasyPark | MooneyGo | Telepass ( for nore information click here)

Contractual breach and penalties

Parking with an expired ticket or without paying will lead to an administrative penalty.
There is the possibility to pay it within 5 days following the instructions.
The instructions will be written in the notification that the ticket inspector leaves on the dashboard of the vehicle.

  • In case of expired ticket: the cost will be the ammount owed for the time from the expiration of the ticket to the time of the payment, summed to the penalty  (€ 2,50 );
  • In case of missing payment: the cost will be the ammount owed for the day (from the time when the payment start that day to the time of the payment), summed to the penaly (€ 5).

After the 5 days the procedure to notify the administrative penalty will start.

The payment needs to be done online at this link.

For information:
from Monday to Sunday, from 8am to 8pm | +39 079 676 2792